Contact Apex Machine Solutions for all your machine tool needs, along with any parts or supplies you need to help keep you up and running safely and efficiently.

New and Used Equipment

When you need a new or pre-owned machine to replace an old piece of equipment, or to expand your range of services or production capacity, we can help. The experts at Apex can help you research, evaluate, select and install just the right piece of equipment to meet your budget and needs. Just check our inventory of machine tools currently on hand, or tell us what you need, and let us go and find it.

When you purchase a piece of equipment, the Apex team can ensure its safety and condition. We test all of the machine’s systems and replace worn parts to ensure it operates and does so safely. We stand behind our work, and guarantee you will be satisfied with any equipment we procure for you.


We can provide the parts and supplies you need, including safety equipment like guards and light curtains.

If you have an urgent need, have to replace a part on an older piece of equipment, or need a custom part, we’re also happy to manufacture any parts that can’t be found and ordered from a supply house.

Contact us today to let us help you with any needs or questions you may have.